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Trust yourself first.

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Trust, from the inside out

Nobody deserves to be stuck in one-way relationships, powered by expectation and obligations that leave you running on empty.

Michelle creates safe space for you to unplug and tune in to the relationship between your head and your heart. Align with your own inner wisdom. Learn to break free from obligation, set good boundaries and always trust yourself first.

When your inner wisdom is thriving, you have the energy to act with confidence. No more running on empty. No more obligations.

Trust yourself first.

“Great relationships start between your head and your heart.” –Michelle Griffith


Why Horses…

Horses are masters of authenticity. Horses engage fully in every moment as it is. No should or what if. No judgement, No lies. In the presence of horses, you can discover and connect with your deepest truth. Leave the arena with clarity about what matters most from the inside out.

Amplify your creative best with wisdom and support directly from our horse partners. 

What Do Participants Say?

“I especially enjoyed working with Michelle. With her gentle guidance and wisdom, I was led to the discovery of personal insights that helped me create wonderful positive change in my life.” –Janet, CO
“Michelle was able to help me identify a familiar uncomfortable habit and give me the tools to recognize it and counteract it instantly as it arises in my everyday life” –Paula, MA
“Very informative! The knowledge I gained has made me more conscious and present in all of my interactions, whether with those who have two legs or four!” –Dana, OH

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