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Are you sick and tired of the us vs. them mentality that is sloppily oozing into nearly be every facet of life? Make time and make an effort to have an honest conversation with someone who disagrees with you. This is a big commitment. It requires you to show up. It requires you to listen to the other person without imposing your views or judgments. In return they have to listen to your ideas.

Years ago, when I was training for my coach certification, one of our assignments was a deep dive into listening. It was uncomfortable and required a shift in my perception of what it means to be a good listener. It was a difficult challenge. The take away from those months of the listening exercise was how important it is to really be clear about what I believe and why.

I’m issuing a challenge to anyone who believes in the greater good to pause and reflect. Get very clear on what you believe. Think about what you are for instead of what you are against. Maybe you want to dig into one of the giant polarizing topics in the news like the me too movement, school shootings, and racism with one of your family members… ***OR*** Start by thinking about something small that matters to you. Take something like saying please and thank you or refraining from using your cell phone while sharing a meal with others.

Commit to thinking about what you believe and how you came to that conclusion. Is your current belief bolstered by a positive experience, or is it a result of rebelling against something that was imposed upon you? Have you changed your mind over time or do you still think the same way as a matter of principal.

There is no right or wrong answer to the things that matter most to you from the inside out. The nuance is being aware of the emotions and energy that are equally important to someone who disagrees with you about the same topic.

If you want to look deeper into what matters most to you, Join us for a Sacred Earth Circle on Saturday, June 30. You can find details and information by clicking here:

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The Sacred Earth Circle is a safe place to sink into what matters most to you. Listen to your heart. Listen to the earth and the animals. Listen to your soul. There will be facilitated Shamanic Breath Work with John Teeuw in the morning and Gestalt coaching facilitated by me (with the horses) in the afternoon. Lunch will be catered and we will provide materials for an Art Project after the morning session.

As a special bonus, included as part of the day, you are invited to schedule a follow up session to support any processing of what may come up during the Sacred Earth Circle. You can schedule directly with John or with me by appointment.

Space is limited. Early bird registration is available until June 15.  Check it out!!

More details please…


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