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Stuck in a cycle of constant tweaking and do-overs fueled by a lack of satisfaction?

Are you nagged by unfinished projects you abandoned just at the cusp of completion?

Learn to take action without overwhelm. Establish your own, personal RISE routine!

Click this link for printable PDF:   retreat soulful prairies pdf

This all-inclusive weekend immersion includes personal coaching, group sharing and private time. Interact with the horse healing partners, express yourself on canvas and learn to RISE above the rut of frustration and overwhelm. Facilitated by Michelle Griffith – EGCM certified Coach, Author, and Communicator at Mane Rise.

RISE Retreats are weekend immersions featuring creative expression and direct interaction with horse healing partners. We begin with check-in on Friday at 2pm (opening circle at 3 pm) and commit to having you on the road safely by Sunday at 2pm.

Leave this retreat with clarity about what matters most to you and a plan for taking action without overwhelm using your very own RISE routine. Click here for details and registration page:

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