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This delightful scene was captured from Folly Beach looking toward the Charleston Harbor. Imagine the surprise that I shared with my niece as we were walking up the stairs from testing out the hammock below deck. At the first turn of the stairs with eyes to the sky there was a strange looking cloud in the distance.

As we made it up to the main deck, it was clear that a tumultuous bank of clouds in the distance was giving life to an obvious funnel cloud. As we watched, we called for everyone to come out and see it. For a good 30 seconds we stood and watched as the funnel cloud got organized and stretched toward the earth. Thank goodness my teenage niece was quick with her cell phone. Thanks to her, I have this image to share.

It was powerful to witness a weather event linked with wrath and destruction in the midsection of the country while we are standing on the Eastern coast of America at what seemed to be a safe distance.

When nature reveals itself in such a way, do you make time to reflect and claim some wisdom from the exchange? My thoughts immediately go to the window of time where the conditions were perfect for the funnel cloud to reach toward earth with threats of destruction. I said a quick prayer for whatever may be in the path and at the same time gave thanks for being at a safe distance.

This little storm is a great metaphor for the tumultuous energy out and about in society. The cloud deck of conflict and opposing forces are creating conditions favorable for funnel clouds. I struggle with my own tendency to stand at a safe distance.

There is a lot of middle ground. I will continue to speak about civility, kindness and greater understanding. I will step outside my comfort zone. I will continue to support individuals who seek a safe space to get crystal clear on what matters most from the inside out. I will continue to gather insight and inspiration from the earth, art and animals.

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