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Can a vacation at the beach actually provoke temptation from all of the seven deadly sins? I say yes! Can you steer clear of giving in? Or, is it OK to go “all in” because that is what vacations are for? Only you can decide. Here’s how the beach sparks the seven deadly sins in my experience:

  1. Greed – “I just can’t get enough…” overheard at every beach gathering from cookout, to treasure hunt, from strolling along to sitting still. I absolutely can’t get enough watching the pelicans. They are wonders of nature with a pre-historic edge. Delightful!
  2. Pride – The sheen of pride that glosses over stories about the particular beech that was visited. Is the white sand of the Caribbean better than the colorful rock shores of Lake Superior? My experience was perfect at Folly Beach.
  3. Envy – The green eyed monster inspired by beach houses, kite surfers and a happy dog trotting along with his person on a morning run. Oh the pleasures of the beach life…
  4. Lust – Beach reads…the mystique of the beach as the setting and inspiration for great stories and romance novels…Does this cover lust as it relates to the beach? I’m going to limit this part to your imaginations.
  5. Gluttony – Fresh. Seafood. No spin required.
  6. Sloth – Go ahead and try to pry me off my rocking chair on the porch overlooking the waves, curled up with my favorite book or sketch pad.
  7. Wrath – Inspired by actions mentioned in #6…You will surely be on the receiving end of at least minimal wrath…

Indulge and keep a healthy boundary. Get up close and personal to the edge of the seven. How do you experience the beach?

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