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Support for Creatives

You have creative gifts. There are the ones that seem obvious like painting, drawing, making music, acting, dancing or writing. The reluctant creatives are teachers, talkers, leaders, healers and givers who don’t believe they are creative. The common thread among creatives is a deep, passionate connection to the pure joy of creating…and then…

Life happens! Daily demands and obligations from work, family and community – how do you maintain balance? When something’s gotta give, you sacrifice, prioritize, shuffle and end up going around and around. Then you feel stuck. Self-care gets pushed to the background and there is no way you can fit in your creative passions. You already know that you have to set boundaries. You already know that you have to take care of yourself. You already know you want to finish that nagging project. AND…it just isn’t happening.

We provide space and support for you to develop your own simple action strategies. Action is a physical process. Mane Rise’s interactive process shows you how to bridge the gap between knowledge and action. You will learn to be aware of your mind-body connection so you can uncover the simple actions that are 100% correct for you.

Simple Action Strategies!

At Mane Rise, we use a simple process of discovery, in partnership with horses to move past the blocks of stress, overwhelm and procrastination. We experiment with your own physical, mental and emotional awareness. We support you to set boundaries, find balance and act your passion and purpose. We teach strategies for self care that contribute to sustainable balance in your life.

Connecting with horses helps you to recognize and embody your own own unique creative gifts.

Beginners are welcome! No riding is involved and no experience with horses is necessary. Classes and events are held at the Mane Rise facility in Lebanon, Ohio. Special retreats are held across the country, and custom events can be arranged at your own location.

Why horses?

Horses are masters of authenticity. Horses engage fully in every moment as it is. No should or what if. No judgement, no lies. By being in their presence, you can feel safe and may discover surprising truths you have forgotten or hidden from yourself.

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