Words from Michelle

Have Some of Both (19 of 365)

This photo is what inspired the piece that is featured on page 218 in Goodness Abounds. Today I am excited to share a tiny excerpt from that piece. …Mother Nature is offering me a glimpse of her wisdom about all or nothing. My human perspective often leads me down a...

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Bravery (18 of 365)

A little change of pace from the thrill of Goodness Abounds… I took a moment to pause and reflect on what my experience has been around all of the learning and co-creating, frustrations and joys. My card is Bravery. It is a true reflection of how much I have had to...

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Goodness for Real (17 of 365)

The excitement of being a part of Goodness Abounds is getting Real! Lots of people received their copy of the book today, thanks to the wonders of Amazon…and I’m still waiting patiently to receive mine. I’m so excited to see the responses to the book on social media...

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A GOOD start… (16 of 365)

Hooray! Goodness Abounds is a #1 Best seller!! Thank you to everyone who voted with your hard-earned dollars to be a part of spreading the good by purchasing a book. It has been such an uplifting experience to co-create under the heart centered leadership of Jodi...

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Thank you (15 of 365)

Goodness Abounds is an Amazon #1 Best Seller! Thanks for supporting our effort to spread a little good into the world.  I’m excited to share this book and be a small contribution to a project with so much positive energy. The 5 names posted here are the winners of the...

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Goodness Abounds!! (14 of 365)

I’m so excited to be a contributing author in Goodness Abounds: 365 True Stories of Loving Kindness, a brand-new book with one inspiring true-life story for each day of the year. AVAILABLE TODAY! Order today on Amazon and get access to over 60 FREE downloads from...

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Being Multi-passionate (13 of 365)

Now that I have established myself as a grumpy old technophobe, let me say that I am truly one of the most creatively curious people you will ever know. I am always interested in knowing more about colors and processes and ideas and places and foods and animals and...

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Manifesting the Dream (12 of 365)

Is your dream written in a vision statement, plastered on a vision board, supported by mantras, meditation and positive daily affirmations? How’s that working for you? What types of results have unfolded from the clarity that you have? To over-simplify, the law of...

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Inspiration Cards

A 44 card deck featuring original art and message channeled by Michelle. Each card also features a unique question to ponder.

$20.00 (Plus shipping for addresses outside USA)

Wisps of Wisdom from a Horse’s Heart

Read my personal story along with others in the Touched by a Horse Anthology books! Each story expands on the healing and transformation Equine Gestalt Coaching has to offer.

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